Lisa Hannigan performs "Knots" on the ukulele


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  1. Toby says:


    edit: My stupid joke aside, I’m listening to her album right now on Spotify, and it’s great.

  2. BarBarSeven says:

    The joyful sounds of a ukulele triggers indiscriminate squid sperm distribution? Who knew!

  3. waetherman says:

    A combination of fetishes that almost seems designed to make the front page of BoingBoing. But I’m actually really glad for that; despite the fantastic but distracting video, the music is really good – sort of Neko Casey/Cat Powery (but more upbeat). $8 for the album at Amazon – I’m buying it.

  4. Hank says:

    I just knew that the appearance of the banana fan meant that a uke video couldn’t be far behind

  5. Grim Beefer says:

    This seems heavily influenced by the “Baby Doll” video from Tapeheads…

  6. Art says:

    This fine song and terrific performance was strong enough not to require the silly spray paint routine.

  7. subhan says:

    I watched a little while, trying to figure out what that thing at the bottom of the screen was – it looked like she was being sexually assaulted by a muppet.  I watched some more, and realized it was a hand.  I watched even more, and realized that she was apparently being sexually assaulted by a *whole bunch* of muppets.  

  8. NelC says:

    I’d kind of like to hear the live take on that video, just to hear how well she kept up while being drowned in paint.

    Also, not enough banana.

  9. EH says:

    There’s a uke bubble if that lip sync’ing is supposed to pass muster.

  10. Paul Bryden says:

    Very cool video indeed. BTW Mark, where has that lovely chanteuse Clara Belle got to? I see that many of her songs and videos have been subject to take-down notices and she no longer appears to have a web site. If memory served me correctly she was on the cusp of releasing an album.

  11. Sockeater says:

    I’d like to buy this directly from her site but I can’t because “This product is not available in your region.” Classic.   

  12. kmoser says:

    She really should have worn a face mask to prevent the spray paint from entering her lungs.

  13. The album is also available on eMusic for ~$5. I am intrigued so I got it. :)

  14. Jim Stewart says:

    Knots by Gentle Giant

    for those who have not been exposed to this amazing 70′s progressive band.

  15. manicbassman says:

    talk about being buried in the mix… you can barely hear that Ukulele… anyway peeps… let’s turn you on to another Ukulele talent:

    Miss Sophie Madeleine

    she’s on tour over in the US very soon

  16. allybeag says:

    I’d guess they were using some sort of vibrant food colouring mixed with something like custard to give it body. Great fun, and I did like her singing too!

  17. Paul Renault says:

    Was the song written by RD Lang?

  18. jeligula says:

    What a beautiful, talented young lady.  I wish her well.

  19. pjcamp says:

    I especially like the way the ukelele kept playing while she wiped the goop out of her eyes.

    Not everybody can do that.

  20. The spray-paint hands were linked to a spray-ish sound in the soundtrack… somebody playing a cymbal with a brush, I think?… Anyway, that’s why they were there. The other paint things were not quite so, er, closely linked with particular sounds. I think.

  21. Fang Xianfu says:

    How hard is it to get paint out of hair? The impression I get is that it’s quite difficult. And that’s a lot of paint.

  22. quipling says:

    Charlotte Hatherley did this backwards and still managed better miming!

  23. andyhavens says:

    Nice song, lovely voice, fun video. Bought album.

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