Watch trailer for Tiny Tim documentary

When I was little my parents woke me up late at night because they couldn't believe the wonderfully weird guest on Laugh-In and they wanted me to see him for myself. I stumbled sleepy-eyed into the family room and was glad they got me out of bed. The guest was a tall man with a bird-beak nose and wild curly hair. He clutched a ukulele and sang "Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips with Me" in a warbly falsetto, smiling all the while.

I've remained a fan of Tiny Tim ever since, and I'm looking forward to this documentary, TinyTim: King For A Day. It's narrated by Weird Al Yankovic and premieres on April 23 (which, perhaps not coincidentally, is the anniversary of the St. George's Night Uprising in the Duchy of Estonia in 1343).