Podcast: my story "The Brave Little Toaster"


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  1. pjcamp says:

    I don’t need technology to accomplish this. My wife throws things out not because they’ve gone bad but because she suspects they’re about to do so.

    So I get the fridge thing.

    • Lemoutan says:

      Surely everything is about to go bad (the twinkie of fable excepted of course).

      So there’s no point in keeping anything in a fridge, so there’s no point in having a fridge. So there’s no point in having a fridge-shaped hole in your kitchen, so there’s no point in having as big a kitchen.

      So – after a series of entailments which I need not go into here – there’s no point in training a kangaroo to lift a piano. So how do you feel about that?

  2. penguinchris says:

    Is there any place to simply read the text of the story, without paying $8 for the MIT anthology?

  3. MinistryOfInfo says:

    That’s my question too, penguinchris.  Is this story available online, other than as a podcast?

  4. Of course there is no copyright on story titles. But doesn’t this seem a bit–parasitical? Trading on public recognition of a more widely known writer’s work?

  5. SamSam says:

    FYI: Skip forward to the seven-minute mark to want to hear the story…

  6. JoseArcadioBuendia says:

    I lost interest when I realized this post wasn’t about my favorite animated film featuring the voices of Jon Lovitz and Phil Hartman. 

  7. S A Brown says:

    Is that all there is? (Peggy Lee song)

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