Dutch online rights group Bits of Freedom fundraiser


2 Responses to “Dutch online rights group Bits of Freedom fundraiser”

  1. Alper Cugun says:

    This is great! Such a good initiative.

  2. valiant66 says:

    Dear Boing:

    I was surprised and pleased by the old System 3.5/Finder 4.1 type makeover you did to honour the passing of Steve Jobs.

    Later, I discovered that I found it restful on the eyes compared to your usual scheme. There was something about the simple black and white colour scheme, the frame around each post, the clear and easy access to the archives that just worked for me. And the checkerboard grey on black background reduced the brightness of my screen, inducing a greater sense of calm than your normal black-and-red on white.

    While I understand that it’s not really practical to keep that theme, I was wondering if it might be possible for you to make a preference for those very few of us that would like to maintain it. Now that you’re on WordPress that is not technically difficult, if I understand things correctly.

    I really thought the b/w scheme made colour images pop and brought out the contrast in grey scale photos.

    As of 6 pm MST you’re back to your old scheme, and I already miss the tribute one…

    Just sayin’.

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