Art show in NJ to benefit Jack Kirby Museum, October 15, 2011


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  1. bobarctor says:

    that’s not carroll baker, that’s juliette lewis

  2. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    It does kind of look like Juliette Lewis. I used a famous portrait of Baker for reference but of course I didn’t capture her likeness as well as I would have liked.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      I didn’t know who Carroll Baker was, but after checking that portrait, I’d say you captured her likeness pretty damned well.

      There’s a bit of Juliette Lewisness going on there, but (for one thing) La Lewis isn’t nearly so… uh… stacked.

      In any case, I like this a lot.  If I can afford a print, I’m sorely tempted to buy one.

  3. millie fink says:

    Wow, who knew Mark F had graphic skills like that!

    Well, anyway, I didn’t.

    Good one, mate.

  4. David Pescovitz says:

    We have two of Mark’s original paintings hanging in our home and they continue to delight us every day! “Flower” is fantastic. It may be my favorite painting you’ve done, buddy!

  5. Alvis says:

    I propose that we just start calling all of NJ within 15 miles of NYC “New York”.  I read things like this headline and get excited over some Garden State goodness, then am bummed to see it’s all the way over in the New York City suburbs.  That ain’t Jersey.  Pine Barrens is Jersey.

  6. Jack Daniel says:

    Nice job on the lips & hair. They really pop!

  7. Mister44 says:

    I have to profess, Kirby is not my favorite artist. His style just doesn’t click with me. BUT, I acknowledge his skills in layout, and really taking comics to a new level.

    If you enjoy Kirby stories, Jim Shooter has several on his blog. Fun reads if you like that sort of thing.

  8. daneyul says:

    Ah, I remember Flower from Kamandi when I read them as a kid, always studying the panels with the naive hope that just once, maybe, her hair would fall in a different position.

  9. TheOmbudsman says:

    I call BS. No hot chick would ever let Googam romance her physically to produce such lovely offspring. :P

    Amusingly, eons ago some friends had some buttons made up with Googam’s head, surrounded by “Sons of Goom” – like it was a club or somesuch.

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