MC Frontalot's Critical Hit

We're honored to be first to present the video for MC Frontalot's Critical Hit, starring Brian Posehn alongside the nerdcore rapper. The track's from Frontalot's latest album, Solved, which is available from iTunes and Amazon for less than a tenner. You can download the single and read the lyrics at the official website.

Critical Hit's video is the first of four, funded by Kickstarter campaigns from earlier this year. You can see MC Frontalot in person later this fall, as he's on tour in the southern and eastern US from Oct 21-Nov 13. [Video Link]


  1.  I really like the font and design of the “Grammys and Groupies” module  captured the styling of early ’80’s AD&D products.

    And what could be more Nerdcore than playing original (don’t give me this “edition” crap) than playing AD&D in this day and age? I bet some people really do it, though.

  2. BB Exclusive !

    “Sorry.   The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain.

    This is a Vimeo Plus feature.”


  3. I really love this video, and not just because I’m a contributor. It really catches Front’s sense of humor.

    1. MC Frontalot is no third-edition fool.  
      When he hits a nat 20, that’s a crit, it’s old school.

  4. Awesome. Love the vintage D&D fonts and artwork tributes on the modules. I had to pause so I could read his equipment list when he crossed off the Potion of Charisma (+10). Hilarious!

  5. ok…I call foul on this whole “AD&D is the best blah blah”…been playing since the 1978 blue box version, and 3.5 was hands down the pinnacle of the D&D universe. Thanks to Pathfinder, we can ignore all this silly 4.0 “We Want Your Money” version stuff. Yes, AD&D was great at the time, but so was Pong.

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