TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, featuring Happy Hobo Times and MORE!


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  1. Jarrett must be related to Cathy, except in the case of Cathy, it’s all the dialog which regulates her partial head to a tiny portion of the frame. But, hey, with that much dialog it must be pretty funny, right?

      1. Would you accept relegates? (I almost typed that as ‘would you except relegates?’ just to be obstinate).

        Edit: or was the word in question ‘funny’?

  2. Nothing like a good rape joke to start the day off right. I know to pass on this comic in the future I guess!

    1. Yeah, first time one of these hasn’t left me in a better mood than I was at the start of the comic. :(

  3. (Phew, I was just replying to that horrific deleted comment, thanks for the swift removal, dear moderator-of-the-moment!)


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