Canon of St Paul's resigns over plans to evict OccupyLondon

Giles Fraser, a canon at London's St Paul's Cathedral, has resigned his job and given up his church residence in protest of the plan to forcibly evict the Occupy London protesters camped in St Paul's Square.

It may have been that accessibility to the media and willingness to be outspoken, together with his instinctive sympathy for the anti-City protesters setting up camp outside St Paul's, that led him to ask the police to back off when the protest began.

He will also have realised, as some of his colleagues did not, how the cathedral chapter's attempts to close the camp down – and their over-reaction in closing the cathedral – would play in the outside world and how it would make the church appear: scared, cowed, out-of-touch and pro-establishment – the very things he consistently preaches against in sermons and broadcasts.

Giles Fraser: the St Paul's Cathedral cleric who prefers jeans and a T-shirt


  1. I mean, to be fair to the conservative establishment of the Cathedral, Jesus was conspicuously quiet on the subject of money changers & on the topic of poverty.

    1. Well, Jesus did have camel and needle quote, didn’t he? What was it again – “it’s better to be a rich man and ride around on the back of a camel, than it is to be a poor man and poke your eye out with a needle”?

  2. This was a brave move, and I commend him for it.  Often, the boards or chapters of Cathedrals are a bunch of rich people.  Maybe it is true what the Bible says, you can’t love money and love God.

  3. As much as it is nice to hear about people with principles taking a stand and resigning their position in protest of actions or policy, I would much rather have those people stay in their positions.  We need principled people in as many jobs and offices as we can.

    That said, I don’t object to his decision and why he made it.

    1. Nice story. And agree with your take. He should have offered the resignation of an ineffective and less principled cleric.

  4. Goodbye.

    I work very near to this camp, but have only noticed it on the two occasions I’ve gone out of my way to pass it. I know it’s there but the only people it appears to be affecting is tourists.

  5. Heh, just noticed I’ve been invited to a service at St Pauls in a couple of weeks because of a charity I donate to. It has a caveat at the bottom of the email that it may be postponed due to the protests.

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