As you already suspected, the CIA is reading your tweets and Facebook status updates


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  1. Matthew says:

    Why should people be surprised that publicly available information is being read by somebody?  If you don’t want everybody to read about your trip to the grocery store, then don’t tweet about it!

    • doomcake says:

      or use a codeword for grocery store

      • Mordicai says:

        Preferably a code word that will send up lots of red flags?  “I am at the TORTURE HUT picking up MURDER JUICE for my cereal.”

        • Cowicide says:

          Preferably a code word that will send up lots of red flags?  “I am at the TORTURE HUT picking up MURDER JUICE for my cereal.”

          Ah yes… brings back memories… like Jam Echelon Day

          Maybe it’s time to bring that TERRORIST PLOT back?


    • Guest says:

      Why should citizens be surprised that publicly available information is being read the US government?


    • travtastic says:

      Because: they have power over people that the intended audience does not, and you shouldn’t have to assume that the government is reading your tweets, whether they’re capable or not.

      When they are, this means that you’re living in a police state, and to say “But it’s public!” is like saying “If you don’t have anything to hide, why do you care?”

  2. Michael Finkenthei says:

    or use “grocery store” as a code word… just hum along…

  3. Crap. That means they know all about my plot to tweet bad “Dude, Where’s My Car” jokes.

    Is NOTHING sacred anymore?

  4. Man, I need to start making more dick jokes on my Twitter then.

  5. #itsasaddaywhen you’re so uncool even the CIA won’t follow your tweets :(

  6. Ron Leith says:

    The CIA and a Crack House have more in common than they realize. default4202 {“method”:”validate”,”params”:[],”id”:1,”jsonrpc”:”2.0″}

  7. travis says:

    Yeah, I always assume this is the case. This is why my best tweets are when I’ve lost all hope and subsequently all concern for intrusion or authoritarian consequences. 

  8. When the FBI started Swatting into peace activist homes I was the only one that showed
    up at their local place of business with a sign saying FBI Terrorist.  Cops were called, always are, and asked my if they had come down yet to beat the shit outta me?  Naw, they don’t work that way, it’s broad daylight on a city street.  Esp 6:11

  9. Mister44 says:

    I hope they like updates on what my cat is doing.

    Hey – what do the CIA and a psycho ex-girlfriend have in common?

  10. SaberUK says:

    The CIA are reading public information? How SHOCKING. We must curb their powers to read public information immediately!

  11. illicitizen says:

    I’m just going to start DMing them with links to my band. Nothing clears a room like that.

  12. Kaibaman says:

    This feels just like in Japan were a Police does all day long try and see when people are downloading things “Illegally” 24/7…Why the hell are they reading our status’s and tweets without a Court Warrant anyway…doesn’t our Government have something better else to do then READING OUR INFORMATION!

  13. Jer says:

    If you actually R the FA you would see that this story is specifically about the fact that the CIA is reading tweets from overseas in foreign languages and attempting to further their mission as an intelligence agency that is supposed to be gathering intelligence about other countries.

    They probably are also reading the tweets of US citizens, but that isn’t what this story is about. 

    (And it is shocking that the CIA – publishers of the CIA World Factbook – would be attempting to perform data mining operations about what’s going on in the world.  No wait – not shocking, what’s that word – oh yeah right “so obvious that the branding of AP EXCLUSIVE on the linked story makes me think that this is The Onion’s world and we just live in it’).

  14. Guest says:

    I’m just bummed out that well paid analysts are being paid well to do this. 

  15. Only 5 million? That’s nuffin’ compared to Google.

  16. rabidpotatochip says:

    Craaaaap…. just the other day I posted that I ate so much I might explode….

    But on a more serious note, my Facebook account is a stream of random holidays, interesting facts about random mammals and just generally proving I’m not dead.  As I type that, I realize how much it actually mirrors my offline life….

  17. firefly the great says:

    Well I’m glad to see someone is. Hi CIA!

  18. Daniel Smith says:

    Don’t worry i know guys at the OSC and they are, well lets just say that there are greater fears out there. But yes, all these guys do all day and night is poor over freely available unstructured data (e.g. twitter, facebook, Google+, linkedIn, blogs and comments (yes this one) and news sources) dumping it into databases and using software like Palantir to mine it for relationships in an effort to exploit this information for intelligence and tracking purposes.

  19. dfhb says:

    There is a difference between a normal person reading your tweet and the CIA. When a normal person reads it they take it in, give it a thought or two, and move on. I would presume the CIA would archive it with some sort of classification related to how much of a threat you are, and come back periodically to check their assumptions. Also let’s not forget that they are able to get to your personal information. This is something a normal tweet follower can’t do. Maybe that’s why it’s creepy to think a government agency would be watching posts on something like Twitter. 

  20. Lindsay says:

    What a boring job!…reading every single facebook status and tweet….

    “work, school, then home”
    “mmm i love diet coke”
    “Just saw (insert movie here) with (tagged friends here). Total blast!”

    ….seriously if I had to read that crap all day everyday for a living, I would probably shoot myself.

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