Unique reinterpretations of Frankenstein's monster for sale


6 Responses to “Unique reinterpretations of Frankenstein's monster for sale”

  1. Donald Petersen says:

    Wow!  There’s a whole bunch there that are tempting.

  2. EH says:

    what happened to all those darth vaders that were reinterpreted some time ago?

  3. relawson says:

    As an aside to the actual post, I want to thank you for indicating this is Frankenstein’s “Monster”.

    I corrected my 7yo a couple of years ago that Dr. Frankenstein made the creature. For some reason he has retained this bit of info and will ask for clarification whenever the name is mentioned.

    Kids say the darndest things… right?

  4. geech says:

    So very good. Lots of Karloffy goodness in there. I must say, the FrankenBerry wins it for me.

  5. Bookburn says:

    That “Grateful Un-dead” is fantastic.

  6. Dave Jenkins says:

    With that pompadour frame, I was expecting at least an Elvistein, and maybe a Frankenreagan.

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