The Tetris Effect


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  1. brianary says:

    Uniform Monday Holiday Act
    26th amendment
    TV cigarette ads end
    political corruption in comics allowed
    first commercial electronic video game Computer Space
    first ARPANET email
    first microprocessor Intel 4004
    first pocket calculator
    NPR, Starbucks, Greenpeace, Amtrak, FedEx, NASDAQ
    Attica, Nixon Shock, Pentagon Papers, D.B. Cooper
    Anarchists Cookbook
    Jim Morrison dies
    The Gutenberg Project
    Stanford Prison Experiment

  2. Jason Sewall says:

    Repeat after me: Correlation. Is. Not. Causation.

  3. Listener43 says:

    1971 is so last century.

  4. I was born in 1972, to allow video games to mature a little first.

  5. Nadreck says:

    That was Super Fantastic: except that I have no time for my video games today as I hyper-focused on it and blew too much of the afternoon on it.

  6. daneyul says:

    That was great.

    Really hate the paragraph Boing Boing chose to quote, though. 

    I almost didn’t click the link as I expected some bogus study  linking autism to gaming…instead I got a very well written, poignant piece of writing.

  7. Rob Butler says:

    “We were sitting in the Pogo lounge of the Beverly Heights Hotel, in the patio section of course, drinking Singapore Slings  with Mescal on the side, hiding, from the brutish depths of reality in this foul year of our lord, nineteen-hundred and seventy-one”.

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