Stop motion music video with pencil crayons

The video for Australian indie band Hudson's song Against the Grain is a fun piece of stop-motion animation using a whole ton of sharp pencil crayons; I thought the pencil/graphic equalizer stuff was very nice, and looks technically challenging to pull off!

Hudson - Against The Grain (via Reddit)


  1. I wonder if this was inspired by Melbourne (Australia) artist John Brack’s ‘pencils and pens’ series of paintings?

  2. Perhaps the pencils in the graphic equaliser diplay have  actually been rendered on the computer, and created automatically. Easy enough to do. Shame to even suggest that of course.  : )

    1. What I would probably do is generate a video of the equalizer on computer just as a simple bar graphs, project that frame-by-frame on the working surface and move the pencils to line up with the projected image.

      To me, the more impressive bits, technically, would be the pyramid of pencils, (imagine having to carefully add those one at a time without breaking the pyramid) and changing the background before and after the “zipper” action.

  3. Great clip but what’s a pencil crayon? Aren’t these just coloured pencils? Aren’t crayons something else?

  4. Stuff like the equalizer, indeed all of the animation, is fairly simple to time out and animate to using software like Dragon Stop Motion. You can onion skin a previs animation over the live feed from your camera to match motion.

    Not to say that it isn’t still technically and creatively impressive, having a guide and the ability to playback your progress on the fly and so forth makes things easier, but not easy.

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