Time-lapse video from ISS


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  1. pgt says:

    Very cool! Wish I could have this as a screensaver.

  2. ninjapornstar says:

    I noticed that at about 3:45-3:49 a well defined orangish squiggle appears. The same squiggle (I think) appears at 4:37-4:39. It’s something in eastern asia … I think? Anyone know?

  3. Culturedropout says:

    It’s images like these that really drive home for me what a thin slice of the planet we occupy.  We’re like ants living in the skin of an orange.  The irony of seeing this up against the various insanities that grip our species is very nearly physically painful.  To think that against a backdrop this wondrous and magnificent, we kill each other every day for petty reasons.  Or for no reason at all.  It’s obscene.  How can it even be the same species that built the space station?  When aliens visit one day, will they find naked savages scrabbling in the dirt for food, while the decaying husk of the ISS tumbles overhead?

  4. immovableobject says:

    I say it was “other worldly” except…. it isn’t.

    By the way, does anyone know who did the soundtrack music.  That is some terrific ambient electronica.

  5. Mike Polding says:

    very beautiful! love the blue/white flashes of the lightning storms

  6. absolutetrust says:

    Soundtrack is Jan Jelinek

  7. seen this before, but didn’t realise it was shot at 4k!!  where’s the source video? i want to play this on a wall!

  8. querent says:

    We live on that planet.

    Off to read about the northern lights on wikipedia.

  9. We watched it with this playing in the background and it flowed just beautifully. Absolutely spectacular video btw. Could play this on a loop for hours.


  10. Jacob Corn says:

    Seeing things like this makes me realize that we live in the future. That footage was taken from a space station that has been crewed for the last eleven years. Though there are empty spaces, you can see the lights of a city in almost every frame of the video. In some places, it’s cities as far as the eye can see. Wow.

  11. ninjapornstar says:

    Thanks, it does appear to be the indo-pak border.

  12. Anyone wanna take a guess as tot he source of the lights in the upper right corner of the frame at the 1:40 mark…there are a few of them….satellites?

  13. awjt says:

    The lightning, the undulating aurorae, the faint airglow, the cities below.  Oh man, trancey stuff.  Time to hit the sack and dream big.

  14. A peaceful place or so it looks from space,
    A closer look reveals the human race.

  15. alfredo_tomato says:

    Check out the 1:24 through 1:25 to the right of center of the frame. There appears to be a sprite shooting up from the atmosphere.

    • CH says:

      Yeah, I think you are right!!! For anybody else trying to see it (it took quite a lot of going back and forth before I saw it), look at the atmosphere above the horizon, the purple part (it turns more purple at around 1:24). For me at 1:24 to 1:26 there is a orange-ish sprite shooting up (like a bullet hitting the purple part).

      Seriously good catch!!! I wonder if NASA has caught it? It might of course be just some video artefact, as for instance the starts look like they drag the atmosphere, too. But it sure looks like a sprite.

      A really nice video, thank you for posting it!!!

      • alfredo_tomato says:

        I think they are associated with thunderstorms. Not sure about that.  There appears to be another around the 4:40 point. It’s even further to the right.

      • alfredo_tomato says:

        The real name for those lights are “Blue Jets.” There are “Red Sprites” too.  they are associated with lightning.  

  16. MarcVader says:

    pretty planet. so sad it’s in the way.

  17. Ramone says:

    Not crazy about the soundtrack but the visuals are truly stunning.

  18. GyroMagician says:

    Wow, I just fell in love. Where is this place? Can we go? Let’s build a rocketship and see if we can get there.

    (Now picturing myself as Steve Zissou piloting said rocketship with this music playing in the cabin, crazy beautiful planet looming up in front of us…because you’re all there with me).

  19. Not disrespect to Pan, Bongo and Gorilla, but we’re definitely the most awesome monkeys. #AWESOMEMONKEY

  20. The first fly-by over Michigan at the beginning of the video is amazing!

  21. michael b says:

    A profoundly moving video, but the only way I could watch it is with the speakers muted.  Ambient electronica?  Sounded like the mating call a drugged otherworldly cricket…awesome video none the less.

  22. cpm5280 says:

    > “taken with a special low-light 4K-camera”

    AKA a Nikon D3s.

  23. AndrewdeSouza_paNOW says:

    love it, but i have a question to anyone who knows about optics or astronomy…

    Is that how curved the Earth actually appears from that altitude or is it the lens?

    t really makes the planet look like a tiny speck in that video.

  24. Brainspore says:

    By the looks of things most of that “profound human impact on the planet” was caused by Hal Jordan messing around with that silly ring of his.

  25. bear says:

    This is soo cool. i actually found this video through this epic blog: http://candlelightproject.blogspot.com/   Anyone who care about the environment would appreciate this!!

  26. Spriggan_Prime says:

    The way the title  card is designed and fades in and out me thinks the video’s editor is a fan of House (the TV show).

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