Prominent Republican leaders in clown makeup


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  1. At least it’s not Yet Another Hitler Comparison. But that’s not to say it’s cutting edge social commentary either.

  2. IamInnocent says:

    The real Insane Posse.

  3. daneyul says:

    Ack!  My two biggest phobias–clowns and republicans!

    Now if you put the heads on top of spiders I’ll never get to sleep!

  4. Mari Lwyd says:

    The eye makeup in this is better than Shepherd “Sparkle-Eyes” Smith’s.
    I’d never thought of Glenn Beck seeing the world through Nazi-colored lenses but now it all makes sense.

  5. icastico says:

    Jindal is nicely done. But, really, they need to recognize the whole political class. I demand bipartisan clown faces.

  6. doggo says:

    Scarily beautiful. The designs of the makeup, that is.

    • Tzunun says:

      Maybe a little too beautiful. After all, the Teabaggers shooped Obama into Heath Ledger’s terrifyingly crude Joker makeup (as amanicdroid reminds us). With apologies to Keith Higgs, maybe we can meet in the middle with the clown from Stephen King’s It, because the name “Pennywise” fits pound-foolish slashers of social safety nets to a T.

  7. Guest says:

    Wingnuts… do they work?

  8. flowergardenslayer says:

    geez, slight liberal bias there…..  how about showing the dems like this too so that my independent ego can feel doubly smug.

  9. ernunnos says:

    It’s so brave, and timely.

  10. Mari Lwyd says:

    For those demanding bipartisan coverage I bring you the attached picture.

  11. the dude says:

    “Send in the Clowns” is a fuggin depressing ballad that tortured my youth. Occupy MakeUp !!!

  12. I support equal opportunity satire and jokes against all people in government. It is us against those who are  in power in government; democrats, republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives.
    John Q. Public vs. Big Government.
    Big government already has enough power, air time, etc to promote themselves, they need no help from us. Poke fun at ALL government personalities and institutions as often as possible.

    • Mari Lwyd says:

      Then start skillfully shooping clown make-up on Democrats if you’re so concerned.
      These images didn’t generate themselves. They’re from an artist’s personal project
      and thus not subject to equal-time rules. Boingboing is a collection of interesting things not a news network.

      • You really think boing-boing would do a feature with Democrats in clown make-up? Doubt it.

        • Mari Lwyd says:

          They might but if you want to ensure internet coverage send the pics to FreeRepublic.
          (Aaaaand that’s my five. In holding with wisdom of the mods I will abdicate the thread.)

        • quietstorms says:

          Sorry chief but this has been revolving around the Occupy movement. The picture that amanicdroid posted carried a different connotation and it was from a different time. Republicans HATED Obama before he even took office. I’ll leave it to you to explain the reasons why.

          I have no problem with you giving other Dems the clown treatment because they deserve it. They backstabbed him on health care and other issues.

  13. Mordicai says:

    My favorite part is the implied understanding that there is zero difference between the Republican punditry & the Republican politicians.  Same machinery, & in many cases the same moving parts.

  14. Petzl says:

    I like this but I’m uneasy with ad hominem attacks.  The casting of the political opposition as the alien, the enemy, the other, is generally a conservative/GOP practice, not a liberal/Democratic one. That being said (are the kids asleep?), this rocks.

    • Shinkuhadoken says:

      The casting of the political opposition as the alien, the enemy, the other, is generally a conservative/GOP practice, not a liberal/Democratic one.

      Oh, sweet mother of irony.

      You do realize you’re saying that the unsightly practice of casting the opposition as the other is what those other guys do?

  15. UrbanUndead says:

    Er… “whoop whoop.”

    Fucking politics… how do they work?

  16. 10xor01 says:

    Quick!  Pack them all into a tiny circus car and drive it over a cliff!

  17. Tank Flynn says:

    ….mmm MORE please !!

  18. Jason's Robot says:

    Wow.  Those are beautiful.  Perhaps too beautiful to be mocking, imo.
    I’d love to have one done of me no matter what the person’s motivation or message.

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