Pizza slice sleeping bag

Etsy seller brookish7 makes these pizza-slice sleeping bags (with veggie pillows) to order, at $300 a slice. (via Neatorama)


  1. First Congress declared her a vegetable. 
    Then Jeb Bush filed an executive order to keep her on life support. 
    It all kind of went downhill quickly from there…

      1. Yeah, it seems completely reasonable that a person working for minimum wage would have to spend his or her entire week’s wages on it.

        1. OK two points:

          1. You totally need to click on my comment and see where I was going with that.

          2. That said, if you are on minimum wage you are probably going to have to make your own novelty oversize food themed bedding, those are the sort of hard times we are living in.

          1. OK, I did need to click on your comment to see where you were going with that. 

            And sorry about being catty.  I’ve just been paying my bills, (I’m a teacher, so I make close to minimum wage) and the sleeping bag seemed so, I don’t know, precious. 

          2. I sure as hell can’t afford it, but I can at least imagine that someone might. My Dad was a teacher, its a great profession, thanks for your service!

  2. Am I the only one who immediately thought of that post a couple days ago with the woman who covered herself in food to get closer to raccoons?

  3. so want that .. but I doubt they ship to Addis Ababa .. or it will never get here, because customs will think this is actual FOOD.  @google-ba62aef88a17844cd703db7dbe3fe648:disqus : Good point … I guess my 6’2″ frame will have a bit of trouble in there … 

    But how cool is this? Please also make pepperoni slices and pineapple chunks and lumps of Italian sausage pillows 

  4. Oh wait…wait…I know a joke about that…um, how does it go again…Um, the Dalai Lama…oh shit, hang on, that’s not it…bugger…um…a zen buddhist priest walks into a novely pizza sleeping bag factory and says “Make me one with everything!”

  5. Great idea beautifully executed. The veggie pillows propel it into its own class of awesomeness.

    And for just a second there I thought we were going to have an Etsy product thread without complaints about the price. So close!

    1. No no, not four seasons, four cheeses!  Ah ha!  Ha!  Heh.  Hmm.

      Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  Looks to be a “car-camp, sleepover” type bag, at best.  Also, for $300, I be wantin’ me some pepperoni.

  6. I just had a thought.

    Do you guys have the ‘5 a day’ thing over in the US?  By ‘you guys’ I of course mean any Americans that may be reading this.

    Because I’m totally up for eating a load of Pizza every day to hit my 5 a day.  Considering that last week even the vegetables on a pizza didn’t count as one of my ‘5 a day’ it’s fun to now think that pizza itself can count as one.

    Seriously though, do you recon that congress knows that the whole world is simultaneously laughing and shaking their head at America?  It’s the American’s I feel most sorry for, firstly because the next generation of children will die before they’re not children anymore, and secondly because the guys in charge of your country are even more batshit crazy than ours (and I live in the UK, we’ve got Boris!).

    1. Seriously though, do you recon that congress knows that the whole world is simultaneously laughing and shaking their head at America?

      I think some of them are vaguely aware that there are other countries.

      1. Yep – Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Soviet Union, China, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, … ah New Mexico?  The Bahamas, Iraq, Afghanistan, er Iran (can we mention that?), Israel!  Yes, Israel, note to self, … Germany, France, England, Ireland, Italy … London?  Texas!!  Key West, The Bahamas of course, Turkey!  How could I forget!  It’s nearly Thanksgiving!

        D.C.?  Japan … the Pacific … Honolulu … Easter Island … the USSR (did I say that yet?) … Marlborough … Colombia (snort!) …

        How many is that?

  7. No comments yet about the crazy dreams that come from sleeping while on ‘shrooms?

    Cold press coffee means you never have to wait for the water to boil to be functional in the morning.

  8. Want.  Not sure WHY, but I DO.  I also love her Stuffed Potato Bean Bag Thingy with a Pat of Butter Pillow.  Maybe my rewart to myself for getting off of my ass and finally moving my apartment will be one of these for TV watching. 

    I wonder if she’ll do custom pillows for the pizza?

    Reminds me of my Home Ec sewing project in 7th grade–I made a “burger” set of throw pillows (bun and meat velcrod together, meat had felt onions/cheese/ketchup) and a side of felt fries.

    But this is so much cooler.

  9. “I never had a problem with inter-racial dating, but it wasn’t until I met Broccoli that the world of inter-kingdom dating opened up to me!” 

    Well, me and Broccoli got married/we got 6 mushrooms and we’re doin’ just fine/way down in pizza-sleeping-bag-land!

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