Expressive octopus-with-lanterns statue


9 Responses to “Expressive octopus-with-lanterns statue”

  1. aeryn says:

    I’m starting to think these shorter posts are Cory’s way of trying to improve our vocabulary.

  2. Diogenepus searching for 8 honest Crabs.

  3. querent says:


    It’s like Zepplin 4 from a parallel universe.

  4. GawainLavers says:

    “Insouciant Octopus” is the name of my next Psychedelic Lounge-core band.

  5. Henry Pootel says:

    Cephalogenes looking for a honest fish

  6. rabidpotatochip says:

    It looks reminiscent of the Little Mermaid up on the rocks when the wave crashes up behind her.

  7. Yavar says:

    Looks like an Ood.

  8. Layne says:

    Can it be placed on the ‘Octopus table’ for establishing a nice cephalopod mood?

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