Three sad things Sony did this weekend

1. The new Playstation Vita will only permit one account per device. Preventing people from conveniently switching accounts thereby makes it harder to switch between accounts established in different regions, which have different releases and prices. Also, Sony recently added additional DRM restrictions to games: you can only play them on 2, instead of 5 different consoles. You are allowed to take a game to one (1) friend's house. [Kotaku]

2. Despite buying out its failed joint-venture with Sony-Ericsson, Sony will be not be ditching the brand until later next year. Say what you want about RIM, at least it's prepared to write off inventory that it can't sell.

3. It tried to bully journalists who attended screenings of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo into not writing about it before the embargo, even though one of them has already broken it. Which, of course, turns the original offender, The New Yorker, into the recipient of a post facto exclusive. [Deadline]