The most intense taekwondo fight ever


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  1. Wrong! THIS is the most intense taskwondo fight of all time:

  2. rtresco says:

    Worth watching just to get to the crazy spanish guitar player in the “this guy is awesome” video linked to at the end.

  3. Charles Richter says:

    The Karate Kid: Year One

  4. hassenpfeffer says:

    Most. Pathetic. Yellow belts. EVER.

  5. Stonewalker says:

    They’re breakdance fighting

  6. MrJM says:

    TKD: Still not a martial art.

  7. hombrelobo says:

    How comes the Submitterator gives no links to the submitter whatsoever ? mmmm

  8. moonglum says:

    Cute, but I was really hoping for some kind of ‘Battle Royale’/’Hunger Games’ death match with spiked nunchaku, poisoned shuriken, and flying guillotines.

  9. AMJ says:

    It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye!

  10. Carpeteria says:

    I think those kids are way over-protected for their Riverdance practice. A comfortable pair of shoes probably would have been enough.

  11. tempo says:

    LOL.  This is great, thanks for submitting it.

  12. Warren_Terra says:

    Thread isn’t complete without a link to Finger Taikwondoe.

  13. Tommy Timefishblue says:

    I had this same fight in the 7th grade.

  14. what_do_you_care says:

    I ripped my shirt off watching that!

  15. Vic333 says:

    Babies are terrible fighters. 

  16. dunkyboy says:

    Those kids have got the right idea. I would definitely give taekwondo a go if it was like that.

  17. Nathaniel Stephens says:

    reminds me of a Polka dance at a wedding

  18. Donaleen Kohn says:

    Longest I ever watched a martial arts fight.  Very entertaining.

  19. semiotix says:


  20. dustbuster7000 says:

    It’s like cargo cult TKD; they’ve watched a bunch of older kids doing it and they’ve determined which parts are important.  In this case mostly: bouncing, waving your leg at the other guy, and in the case of the child in blue, waving your leg at the other guy while looking around for a third guy.

    • Jerril says:

      You’ve got it spot on. I’ve got fond memories of the “waving your leg at the imaginary other guy while looking around for a third guy” drills :)

  21. Usually I enjoy silly videos like this, but this one just made me a little sad.

  22. You mock, readers, but this is where the 10,000 hours begins!

    • dustbuster7000 says:

      Actually I think you’re exactly right.  Hopefully this culminates in Olympic medals and personal fulfillment also. Doesn’t make it any less funny.

  23. social_maladroit says:


  24. I don’t know, I must be missing something. I just don’t get why this is a thing.

  25. jimh says:

    Since we just had another thread about stupid movies, and now we have a little TKD, I’d like to recommend “The Foot Fist Way” to anyone who appreciates both.

  26. voiceinthedistance says:

    Dance like a butterfly.  Sting like a butterfly.

  27. Nathaniel Stephens says:

    I wish the “referee” would have ended with “FINISH HIM!!”

  28. PhosPhorious says:

    I’ll wager 400 quatloos on the blue one.

  29. tyger11 says:

    The one in blue could really take Chuck Norris by surprise with that back kick. Completely unexpected.

    • Shibi_SF says:

      I really wanted to call Blue’s kick a “flying roundhouse” kick but you’re right – that was a surprise back kick if I’ve ever seen one. 

  30. Itsumishi says:

    This isn’t a martial arts fight, it’s a Cap-O’Reilly demonstration. 

    Think Capoeria, except Irish Step Dancing.

  31. Bill Walsh says:

    If one of these were my kids I’d probably yank them out of the class. Seems like if they can’t land a single hit then they’re not old enough to be even bothering.

    • jimh says:

      They seem to be having fun though, which is maybe as important as winning at this age.

      • travtastic says:

        Nothing is as important as winning. Nothing. My children would only be allowed to do this if they were having at least twice as much fun as the other kids.

  32. LogrusZed says:

    You give me six months to train and I could kick either one of their asses.

  33. noot says:

    Sweep the leg, Johnny!

  34. HashTuesday says:


  35. Sooper8 says:

    Good balance and timing, nice workout, what’s with the criticism people?

  36. social_maladroit says:

    Red fighter > Pai Mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?
    Blue fighter > Of course he did.
    Red fighter > Why didn’t you tell me?
    Blue fighter > I don’t know… because I’m a bad person.

  37. HenryPootel says:

    Put bunny ears on them and it would just be uber win

  38. Guest says:

    There certainly are a lot of cute, Korean kids. ^_^

  39. lsamsa says:

    Well, they certainly deserve an award for ‘bouncing’!!
    Kudos for ‘non-contact’ taekwondo!

  40. tw1515tw says:

    This would benefit from a dubbed martial arts track on top

  41. tw1515tw says:

    When it comes to fighting, what you need is a big fat belly.

  42. amydavidson says:

    I began by watching this on mute (as I do with many “cute” and/or “amazing” videos), but it’s actually a lot better with the parents’ giggling in the background.

  43. Zac says:

    Anytime parents are laughing at how pathetic their own children are, I’m down.

  44. alex4point0 says:

    Open in another window … then mute the audio on the cute kids not hitting each other … Guile's Theme (Street Fighter II) Goes With Everything.

  45. HahTse says:


  46. bobcorrigan says:

    I love these outtakes from the Matrix.

  47. Ashley Reid says:

    These kind of fights are the BEST PART of any TKD tournament I’ve been to.

  48. Kevin Pierce says:

    Though a previously clear and cloudless day, small drops started to fall outside.

  49. Mister44 says:

    Someone TOTALLY needs to lay in this as the sound track – with the fight starting on the :25 mark

  50. I am displeased after being misled by the title.

  51. M Carlson says:


  52. Voris Klopchick says:

    It’s like a Republican debate. Also, can Teletubbies kick that high?

  53. Andrew Love says:

    korean river dance

  54. caipirina says:

    already pulled … just wanted to show it to my kid :) 

  55. Pablo Fontanilla says:

    New link:

  56. dahlia says:

    i can’t stop laughing.  that little kid’s attempts at back kicks are awesome!

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