The most intense taekwondo fight ever

They're ripping each other to shreds! Oh the humanity!

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    1. I’m not sure which is better, the epic fight sequence or the cheesy one liners.

      Reminds me a lot of Biohazard: The Alien Force, some of the cheesiest cheese to every been cheesed.

  1. Worth watching just to get to the crazy spanish guitar player in the “this guy is awesome” video linked to at the end.

    1. Wort watching because of the Moymoypalaboy video linked at the end. Anything that reminds me of Moymoypalaboy is worth watching.

      1.  But if it isn’t designed specifically to cater to inflated egos through  surging machismo and unsubtle declarations of physical superiority to all others, it’s clearly not worth learning! You’d NEVER see toddlers practicing Krav Maga, now would you Sonny Jim?

        That’s right, go play with your dolls, the REAL MANLY MEN are gonna go theorycraft about how few punches it would take each of them personally to shatter every bone in the body of a grizzly bear while taking suppressing fire from a rogue russian militia!

    1. A friend of mine who did MMA before they called it MMA used to call it “Take-my-dough”. Good for the exercise, crap for actual fighting.

  2. Cute, but I was really hoping for some kind of ‘Battle Royale’/’Hunger Games’ death match with spiked nunchaku, poisoned shuriken, and flying guillotines.

  3. It’s like cargo cult TKD; they’ve watched a bunch of older kids doing it and they’ve determined which parts are important.  In this case mostly: bouncing, waving your leg at the other guy, and in the case of the child in blue, waving your leg at the other guy while looking around for a third guy.

    1. You’ve got it spot on. I’ve got fond memories of the “waving your leg at the imaginary other guy while looking around for a third guy” drills :)

    1. Actually I think you’re exactly right.  Hopefully this culminates in Olympic medals and personal fulfillment also. Doesn’t make it any less funny.

      1. Perhaps you’re right. I do have red receptors though, and if Boing Boing posted a video because it contains things that are red, I would still be wondering why this is relevant to anyone’s interests.

    1. I really wanted to call Blue’s kick a “flying roundhouse” kick but you’re right – that was a surprise back kick if I’ve ever seen one. 

  4. If one of these were my kids I’d probably yank them out of the class. Seems like if they can’t land a single hit then they’re not old enough to be even bothering.

      1. Nothing is as important as winning. Nothing. My children would only be allowed to do this if they were having at least twice as much fun as the other kids.

  5. Red fighter > Pai Mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?
    Blue fighter > Of course he did.
    Red fighter > Why didn’t you tell me?
    Blue fighter > I don’t know… because I’m a bad person.

  6. I began by watching this on mute (as I do with many “cute” and/or “amazing” videos), but it’s actually a lot better with the parents’ giggling in the background.

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