Live-action Animaniacs re-enactment: "I'm Mad!"


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  1. oldtaku says:

    Hee hee hee. Your daughter’s a lucky girl. Considering the length of the run, Animaniacs is possibly the most literate and intelligent cartoon ever inked.

    To forestall the critics: Clever references are fun, but not as good as original source, Venture Bros fans. And boobies just make it ‘adult’, Bakshi fans.

    Edit: This is one of the best investments you could make. Family sing along!

    • Julian Fine says:

      Definitely the most literate, but I think it had some stiff competition in its day for intelligent commentary like Rocko’s Modern Life and Daria.

    • retepslluerb says:

      Kids under the age of 5 who watched TV for 30 min/day have a significantly increased risk of not succeeding in college and  dropping out of school. Yes, the usually socio-economic had been accounted for.  Just saying.  

  2. trondmm says:

    Still waiting for Warner to release the final volume of Animaniacs, though.

  3. aeromys says:

    This remake of “I’m Mad” is even better:

  4. Allison McGurk says:

    Well if they ever aired Animaniacs in the UK, I certainly didn’t see it – it’s completely new to me, and from the evidence of this episode, looks rather good. (Must find more!) I like the song, and I’d have enjoyed the live-action version better if they’d sung it themselves rather than using the original soundtrack. (I might try to write it out for our panto group actually – loads of potential for slapstick!) Thanks for introducing me to this!

  5. kehfysik says:

    Animaniacs were the high point of many days in my adult life.  I was astounded years back when in the song “Yakko’s World” Yakko (or the writers) listed Palestine as a country. Way to go Yakko!  Its a shame it will never be true. The lands have been broken up so much the best the Palestinians can hope for is separate, scattered reservations/interment camps.

  6. oasisob1 says:

    SOPA would prevent this clearly infringing activity. Call your congresscritter and register your support of SOPA!

    (Nice video!)

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