Live-action Animaniacs re-enactment: "I'm Mad!"

My daughter's almost four, and we quite enjoy fishing around on YouTube for great cartoons to watch. I've just introduced her to the Animaniacs (don't tell her, but we've got the whole DVD set coming for her birthday!), starting with the classic I'm Mad, which led me to this kick-ass live-action fan-version posted in 2007.


  1. Hee hee hee. Your daughter’s a lucky girl. Considering the length of the run, Animaniacs is possibly the most literate and intelligent cartoon ever inked.

    To forestall the critics: Clever references are fun, but not as good as original source, Venture Bros fans. And boobies just make it ‘adult’, Bakshi fans.

    Edit: This is one of the best investments you could make. Family sing along!

    1. Definitely the most literate, but I think it had some stiff competition in its day for intelligent commentary like Rocko’s Modern Life and Daria.

    2. Kids under the age of 5 who watched TV for 30 min/day have a significantly increased risk of not succeeding in college and  dropping out of school. Yes, the usually socio-economic had been accounted for.  Just saying.  

  2. Well if they ever aired Animaniacs in the UK, I certainly didn’t see it – it’s completely new to me, and from the evidence of this episode, looks rather good. (Must find more!) I like the song, and I’d have enjoyed the live-action version better if they’d sung it themselves rather than using the original soundtrack. (I might try to write it out for our panto group actually – loads of potential for slapstick!) Thanks for introducing me to this!

    1. They certainly did air it in the UK, over  a period of many years on Children’s ITV, as well as Tiny Toon Adventures!

  3. Animaniacs were the high point of many days in my adult life.  I was astounded years back when in the song “Yakko’s World” Yakko (or the writers) listed Palestine as a country. Way to go Yakko!  Its a shame it will never be true. The lands have been broken up so much the best the Palestinians can hope for is separate, scattered reservations/interment camps.

  4. SOPA would prevent this clearly infringing activity. Call your congresscritter and register your support of SOPA!

    (Nice video!)

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