Photos from the first science fiction convention, 1937


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  1. Simon Champion says:

    You mean the first ever UK science fiction convention? 

    Perhaps you should check out Fred Pohl’s blog (he’s now well over 90 years old and still posting at least a couple of times a week) for a true history of Science Fiction and conventions thereof. 

  2. Simon Champion says:

    Oh yes, here’s his word cloud on the subject, happy reading! 

  3. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Those mugs look like real  wise crackers.

  4. Ivan Knezevic says:

    The same smug faces, but on thinner people.

  5. Brian Cain says:

    Young Arthur C Clarke is a meme waiting to happen.  Take it away Reddit!

  6. seyo says:

    Science fiction writers in 1937 UK, or hipsters smoking cigarettes outside a 2012 $18 cocktail Brooklyn “mixologist ‘speakeasy?’” YOU DECIDE!

  7. Ceronomus says:

    I have to agree with the folks in Leeds, I don’t know as meeting at someone’s house really counts as a convention. Heck, the Leeds Science Fiction League even had a souvenir report.

    Both events are fairly important moments in the history of fandom, but I think that the folks in Leeds beat us to the first “convention.”

  8. Jim Gray says:

    Once again my theory that every generation before the baby boomers hit was more badass than the last is proven true.  Those nerds look like they could totally beat down modern nerds.
    (I include me in that)

  9. GeekMan says:

    Looking at that picture, it’s so comforting to know that, although separated by vast expanses of time, Geeks will always be Geeks. :D

  10. doggo says:


  11. Mister44 says:

    Arthur C. Clarke was such a square.

  12. Young Arthur C. Clarke is going on my list of “Famous People I Would Like To Go Back In Time And Make Out With.” 

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