Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo Fring on Breaking Bad): Reddit AMA with video


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Thanks for that. Esposito’s portrayal of Gus was chilling and fascinating.

    I heard an interview, perhaps on NPR’s Fresh Air, in which he described how he got into character. He’s a real dedicated craftsman-actor.

  2. Bink Binkerson says:

    These clips are a bit weak and superficial, but this man is a master actor, in my view by far the best in that series.

  3. kaijan says:

    Best. Character. Ever.

    The last shot of him walking out of that room in the nursing home still haunts my memory.

  4. L_Mariachi says:

    He’s recovered remarkably well.

  5. Frackit says:

    Breaking Bad is an excellent show with some real talent, unfortunately it’s on AMC (Always More Commercials) which airs it at the most unwatchable times, like Midnight Sunday, with tons of commercials. They also take forever to come out on DVD.

  6. mongo says:

    When you watch his acting demo you’re fascinated that you’ve seen him before and never realized it was him.

    The guy must be an actor or something.

    I’m thinking that some makeup was used to make him darker as Gus Fring.

  7. Outtacontext says:

    He was one of the scariest characters on Breaking Bad. His quiet demeanor made him even scarier. And that final scene was one of the best death scenes I’ve ever seen. 

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