Googler on how best to black out your site

Pierre Far recommends using a 503 HTTP status code—but read on for important details. Other options include Zachstronaut's beautiful splash page; a WordPress plugin; and a simple javascript method.


  1. Web sites turning themselves down…
    Poor people living outside in tents…

    Are we doing it right by fulfilling the wettest dreams of our adversaries ?

    1. When it comes to using the tactics that the oppressor wants to use on the people, voluntarily applying it beforehand as a demonstration of what effects are likely is a good way of stirring up the average person since it probably hasn’t directly affected them up until now and therefore isn’t even on their radar.

      It’s not like anyone heard me, but I was saying months ago that Google could get SOPA/PIPA taken down easily–but it’d cost them dearly to do it: Just suspend every single one of their services, across the board, for as long as they could afford to (I’m thinking a matter of hours). Let D.C. find out what happens when you replace one of the most commonly-visited websites on the planet with a simple page that says, derp, blame the US Congress/Senate, here’s how to contact them: (info). Cut off Google Docs (which a number of government offices use for official business) and Gmail (ditto) and forward the blame to D.C. Stop YouTube and watch the social networks erupt.

      It’d be incredibly damaging to Google because of the service agreements they’d be failing to keep, as well as the negative PR from the large segment of the population that isn’t going to care why Google’s services are down but that they are down, but if they kept it up for more than a day there would be looting and rioting in the streets. Or, well, at least a lot of furious trending topics and Facebook protest/petition groups. And nothing on Google+ because it’d be down.

  2. I am not overly text savvy, but I do have a small blog and I’d like to protest. Thanks for the WordPress plugin link.

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