Little Brother stage-play in San Francisco

There's a new stage adaptation of my novel Little Brother opening in San Francisco. Charlie Jane Anders from IO9 got to go to the preview and loved it, which is incredibly heartening, since I won't get to see it!

So I'll just say that the version I saw was powerful and brilliant, and the cast was note-perfect, especially Daniel Petzold as Marcus Yallow. (The other two castmembers, Marissa Keltie and Cory Censoprano, have a harder task in some ways, since they play a variety of roles throughout the show. And they're both great as well.) The stage play uses a lot of pre-recorded video and some very clever sets to create a lot of different settings, as well as giving a primer in topics like the futility of using data-mining to catch terrorists.

Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother becomes a must-see stage play


  1. I would have loved to have seen this too.

    Cory (or anyone) do you happen to know if there’s a graphic novel adaptation of Little Brother?  I think it’d be awesome in that format.

  2. Still think it’s a shame about not being able to legally arrange a recording of the performance. This news and indiegogo campaign completely excludes anyone that doesn’t live in the area, with the majority of it’s audience clearly elsewhere.

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