NYC's Authorized Drone Strike Zone

@BaLueBolivar snapped this picture advising NYC residents that 26th and 11th was now an Authorized Drone Strike area.

The coming of drones to every neighborhood. NYC. 26th and 11th (via JWZ)


  1. check its a meme started by John C & Adam C that has grown into the real world

    1. The signs are real. The artist is one of the show’s biggest supporters (Knight of the No Agenda round table). We are very proud of him!

  2. This brings up my current ethical dilemma. I’m about to go back to school for a Master’s in intelligent controls and robotics, and I’d really love to work on quadrocopters (or Kcopters for k=4,6,8).  However, I can’t really think of many applications for this that aren’t tools for the totalitarian superstate of the future.

    1. You can work on insurgency models, or ECM copters that would EMP-bomb the government’s drone scouts.  You could design kits so that anybody with access to a broken iPhone (which will be ubiquitous in the future) could assemble one in 10 minutes. 

        1. Search and resuce tools – with an emphasis on search. You could cover a lot more ground (and have the advantage of looking down) with a group of quadracopters and cameras than a single person.

          Delivery – using quadracopters to deliver small packages could be a very fun application of the technology.

          Filming for events and such – imagine not having to put cameras on massive cranes and such when you can just fly a quadracopter with a camera out there?

          Now, I know much of the applications of this could be useful to a totalitarian state – but they would be just as useful to any group of people.

    2. Environmental Monitoring. Environmental scientists use them to map blight, flooding, spills, etc. Archaeologists (like me) are pumped about the potential to use these in mapping sites and ancient landscape features. Maybe you could look into new ways to integrate multiple sensors that might mounted onto one of these babies- add some real-time photogrammetric video or LiDAR or maybe thermal infrared sensors. Or maybe that’s been done do death by now…

  3. Forget that rocketpack. The sky will be so crowded with these machines it won’t be safe to venture sub 1000 feet.

  4. It’s art, not photoshop or the actual NYPD. SEe the shouts and murmurs sections of the New Yorker (jan. 23rd issue) there are several others around the city that say things like “ATTENTION local statutes enforced by Drone” and “ATTENTION Drone activity in progress” 

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