Torture common again in post-Saddam "democratic" Iraq


13 Responses to “Torture common again in post-Saddam "democratic" Iraq”

  1. In other news, torture common in “democratic” USA

  2. Mujokan says:

    But at least the US doesn’t have to cover it up any more.

  3. phisrow says:

    We’ve brought an entrepreneurial spirit to the formerly moribund and inefficient baathist state enterprises!

    Um, mission accomplished?

  4. Frederik says:

    Or the non cynical version would be that it is not so easy to heal a society that has known nothing but corruption and dictatorship over night. You can’t run a system of government like that with having only one “bad guy”. Allot of people need to be activly involved and just removing the top asshole doesn’t suddenly make who ever is left act nice.
    There is no easy fix for that.

  5. Thorzdad says:

    “Torture common again…”

    “Again”? I’m fairly certain torture never went away there.

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