Greatest 404 of all time

You know all those times someone claimed to have found the greatest 404 page, ever? They were wrong. (Thanks, Marko!)


  1. Back in the late 90’s there was an art project sort of thing called “Flight 404” that was haunting and spooky to explore.  I’m convinced it was once of the inspirations for the show Lost.

    None of the Google hits seem to be what I’m talking about… you could click your way through a seating chart into strange interactives like a floating skeleton/xray following the cursor, with a linked story about a flight with missing time and missing people… it was remarkable.

  2. hmm… full-page Flash, so it can’t possibly be the best anything.

    [edit] after actually seeing it: no, really, not anywhere close to the greatest. It’s a pretty bad 404 page for a number of reasons, at least two of them being the Flash.

  3. 404 now stands for “Missing Plug-in”? Server error messages really should be able to be read (or heard/felt depending on how a site is being accessed) by all visitors.

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