That's no moon. It's Newt Gingrich

BB reader Ipo sends in an illustration of future U.S. president and moon lord Newt Gingrich, based on this photo by Reuters' Eric Thayers.


    1. Speaking of wigs, I’m convinced Newt wears one. You can’t see any scalp where his hair is parted. I wouldn’t be surprised if Calista wears one, too. It would take too much time to get that perfect helmet effect every morning. One is labled “his” and the other “hers”.

  1. Gingrich – We need to make government smaller!  (so that we can afford to send them to our new moon base as my economic policies inflate the number of poverty stricken citizens until they eventually snap and begin a serious class war, dropping the country into a state of complete civil unrest)

    1. Investing in heavy lifting capacity and a moon base wouldn’t be such a bad long-term plan. Unfortunately the US was bankrupted by the lobbyist-politician tag team for which Newt’s the poster boy. It reminds me of a heroin addict promising his mother he’ll buy her a nice present to make up for all the money he’s scammed off her — next year when he’s clean.

    1. Thanks for this bizarre image, Ipo!  It made my day.  It reminds me of the evil rising moon-that’s-not-a-real-moon sequence in A.I.

      By the way, thanks for pointing my attention to the photos of Jayson Coil .  I looked some over with my kids and we were agape.

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