Oh Shit! images of overmatched, imminent failure


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  1. Darlene says:

    Pet peeve. Please correct the spelling to “imminent”. (Please also note for future reference, it’s not “infinate” or “definately”.)

    • EH says:

      going up against an army with a bow and flaming arrow could certainly be seen as a failure of immanence. :)

      • Darlene says:

        Indeed. I think I’m conditioned by seeing far too many spelling errors these days. Okay, so which is it, guys? Are we speaking of impending or metaphysical failure?

    • wysinwyg says:

      While we’re correcting spelling errors, I think it’s actually spelled “$#!+”.

  2. Dan Hibiki says:

    I think that guy with the knife can take em’ and I know Shawn got out of that particular Jam ok.

  3. Mujokan says:

    Kickstarter for an attempt at a meme seems somehow sacrilegious.

  4. Gainclone says:

    Some of these seem like imminent VICTORIES rather than failures. The torpedos, for example. The sub launched a counter-torpedo which will undoubtedly detonate the leading enemy torpedo, creating an underwater blast-wave which triggers detonating circuits on the mass of subsequent torpedos. Then, of course, Comrade Connery will “Engage the magnetohydrodynamic drive” and our heroic submarine escapes to safety.

    Anyway, I decided which poster I’m gonna buy.

  5. serpent says:

    Basically, the answer, and likely outcome to THIS IS SPARTA!!! Realistic, but less badass.

  6. 3240x says:

    How do you know it’s not a super explosive arrow? Maybe he’s got a whole quiver full of them. Maybe this is a forced-perspective point of view, and the one guy on the right is actually much taller but further away…

  7. Zart says:

    Zart likes how Safwat refers to himself in the third person.  Zart also admires Safwat’s humility in his submission, calling his pieces “clever” and saying they are about “awesome things”.  

    • Safwat likes Zart too. Looks they they are meant to be best friends! :)

      Jokes aside, I was not sure how the submitted description will be used and whether someone will copy/paste as it or put their own spin on it. So I entered whatever made sense late last night. The series itself may not be awesome at all but I do believe the series is ABOUT “awesome things.”

  8. sweetcraspy says:


  9. Culturedropout says:

    I actually enjoyed the video with the bear and the dog quite a bit.  For some reason, I can see that bear having an accent like that…  :-)

  10. bjacques says:

    I thought it was spelled OH SHI-

  11. puppybeard says:

    Simplified silohuette art, grungy textures, hat-tips to internet-friendly tropes…this is courageous groundbreaking stuff.

    Sincerely, I’m glad this person found an audience who loves their work, even though I’d file it under “please, no more”

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