Oh Shit! images of overmatched, imminent failure

Safwat sez, "'Oh Expletive!' is a series of clever illustrations by graphic designer Safwat Saleem, each depicting that 'Oh $@#!' moment familiar to anybody who's ever had the odds stacked against them. Except in this case, the odds are represented by awesome things like zombie attacks, unicorn swarms, 8-bit creatures, epic knife fights and more. The related Kickstarter project is now fully funded but you could still get in on the action if you want an 'Oh Expletive' t-shirt or hand-pulled screen print."

Oh Shit! (Thanks, Safwat!)


  1. Pet peeve. Please correct the spelling to “imminent”. (Please also note for future reference, it’s not “infinate” or “definately”.)

    1. going up against an army with a bow and flaming arrow could certainly be seen as a failure of immanence. :)

      1. Indeed. I think I’m conditioned by seeing far too many spelling errors these days. Okay, so which is it, guys? Are we speaking of impending or metaphysical failure?

  2. Some of these seem like imminent VICTORIES rather than failures. The torpedos, for example. The sub launched a counter-torpedo which will undoubtedly detonate the leading enemy torpedo, creating an underwater blast-wave which triggers detonating circuits on the mass of subsequent torpedos. Then, of course, Comrade Connery will “Engage the magnetohydrodynamic drive” and our heroic submarine escapes to safety.

    Anyway, I decided which poster I’m gonna buy.

  3. How do you know it’s not a super explosive arrow? Maybe he’s got a whole quiver full of them. Maybe this is a forced-perspective point of view, and the one guy on the right is actually much taller but further away…

  4. Zart likes how Safwat refers to himself in the third person.  Zart also admires Safwat’s humility in his submission, calling his pieces “clever” and saying they are about “awesome things”.  

    1. Safwat likes Zart too. Looks they they are meant to be best friends! :)

      Jokes aside, I was not sure how the submitted description will be used and whether someone will copy/paste as it or put their own spin on it. So I entered whatever made sense late last night. The series itself may not be awesome at all but I do believe the series is ABOUT “awesome things.”

  5. I actually enjoyed the video with the bear and the dog quite a bit.  For some reason, I can see that bear having an accent like that…  :-)

  6. Simplified silohuette art, grungy textures, hat-tips to internet-friendly tropes…this is courageous groundbreaking stuff.

    Sincerely, I’m glad this person found an audience who loves their work, even though I’d file it under “please, no more”

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