Patrick Farley is back: "The First Word" webcomic explains language's origin

Patrick Farley is one of the greatest and most maddeningly irregular webcomics artists working today. We've been covering his work for a decade, and a new Farley is always cause for celebration. His latest, "The First Word," is no exception -- a fine, odd, beautifully realized story about the invention of language, one that tries to invent a new user interface and visual language for live, animated comics that is, by and large, very successful.

The First Word | nsfw | an electric sheep comic (Thanks, Jetse!)


  1. Speaking of first words, I saw a note online the other day that has me stumped. If a person is born deaf, what language do they think in? I mean, if a person has NEVER heard any sounds, what will their inner monologue sound like?

    1. Interesting short article on the subject:
      tl;dr: They think in ASL if they learned it early enough in life.

      1. Too funny:  short article…tl;dr  I see this tl;dr so often these days that it makes me wonder how anybody absorbs anything.

      I think a lot of people imagine that they are thinking when they are speaking.
      There is always impetus and ideation wrapped up in the intention to communicate.
      The information gathering and sorting that allows you to compress the amount of information you want to transmit, coupled with the massive bottleneck you must push that information through (your communication method) makes for some weird perceptions of what is actually happening when you attempt to communicate something you are thinking about.

  2. I submitterated this in the middle of last week . . . I must be on a black list or something.


    Open this on your largest available screen

    Be patient. Don’t rush through it.

    OTOH, some of the “landscape” sequences require you to pan a bit as you view them.

  3. So… the cute little dude at the beginning does glowing blue mushrooms with his friend with the scars on his face and his ass, then realizes that scar-boy is really kind of cute, and thinks he has something going on when scarboy brings him a honeycomb and they rub one out together, then a woman comes along and screws it all up.  Then they all hallucinate about turning into animals from the mushrooms, have a huge orgy, and then realize it was all a dream…? 

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