Pony: a disturbing kinetic sculpture

pony H 54" L 49" W 27" is a kinetic sculpture that is reminiscent of one of Paolo Bacigalupi's more disturbing stories, somehow sexual and biomorphic at once. Do you know who made it and where it was exhibited? Please leave a comment.

pony H 54" L 49" W 27" (via JWZ)


  1. With the help of peterblue11’s comment:
    Tim Lewis. For example: http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/9510/1/tim-lewis-at-kinetica-art-fair

  2. I fink it’s freeky and I like it a lot.

    The dwarf from the Island of Dr. Moreau should be riding this thing.

        1. In my day we did our leetspeak with plain old ASCII and abuse of the shift key!  And we liked it! Get off my lawn!

  3. Love the puppet hand head.  That’s how we mess about when rehearsing – call it “Binky, the wonder puppet”.  Awesome looking thing Lewis has made – want to see more now.

  4. Disturbing?  Naw, looks perfectly natural, if shy and tentative.  Now, were it overclocked to the point of moving with confidence and elan, or even aggression, I might feel a tad uneasy.

    I’d pay several hundreds of dollars to have a moving model of this of my very own.  I know it’s worth much more, but I am a poor art-lover from the trailer park.  Of course, if this thing will accept a 2″ ball receiver hitch, all my prayers will be answered.

    1. Just immerse yourself in “pony play” for a while. After a while you can see where those vibes can come from.

      Disclaimer: no, I don’t endorse or even engage in it. I’m just saying that what was seen cannot be unseen.

  5. Those 3 animatronic arms/hands are rather sophisticated in their movements:  the cost of materials must have been astronomical.


  6. NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE. Invent a machine that can burn things that have already been burned. Then burn that thing, then burn the ashes in the machine, and then burn the machine. 

    That thing is creepy as hell.

    1. Picture it waiting at your bedside, to gently awaken you just before dawn with a tentative taptap.  Or a caress…

  7. I saw this a few years ago in a gallery show of kinetic art in Shoreditch, London. I was with my daughter who was about 4 at the time.

    She literally couldn’t bear to look at it, even from a distance – I’m going to show her the video and see if she’ll remember!

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