Indie Game movie makers discuss project

Turnstyle's Noah Nelson interviews the brilliant minds behind Indie Game: The Movie, whose trailer is embedded above.

Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky left behind a comfortable career doing corporate video gigs and other commercial work in order to pursue an unexpected passion project: a documentary about people who set aside stable jobs of their own to pursue the creation of video games without corporate backing.

The Road to Sundance and Beyond– Indie Game: The Movie [Turnstyle]


  1. “the sum total of every expressive medium of all time” as a little creature jumps up a brick wall to score points
    holy crap, are you folks mad?!
    thank the gods for the liberties afforded us in our leisure time

    1. As an indie game developer (now working on two titles) I agree with his assessment of the medium so yeah, maybe we are all mad. 

      Gaming has the power and the potential – like fire – to change the world or destroy it. We’re all working (at F.8 Interactive, at least)  towards option A, and I found the trailer alone supremely inspiring. 

      P.S. the swiveling 3-D platform game with the fez creature looks excellent. 

      P.P.S. Super Meat Boy! 

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