Soviet pistol door handle

The "Bang Bang Handle" is a door-handle made from a 9 mm Makarov semi-automatic pistol ("the personal weapon of the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement"). It was designed by Nikita Kovalev, who included a lot of detail about the Marakov in his documentation. Available in many colorful metallic platings.

bang-bang handle (via Geekologie)


  1. Minus on projection as a door pull (it will wrench one’s wrist)
    minus on door swing as something will be pinched
    Minus on catching a purse strap
    Now if it function(s) as downturn>trigger pull > open> return to horizontal  (kill shot?) ok

    1.  I was going to say, I really hope that pulling the trigger unlatches the door. I can see that it would not be particularly ergonomic, though, as you say.

    1. The juxtaposition of the two articles really illuminates the complexities of gun culture in the USA. 

  2. The younger me would have loved to have crap like this, the “now” me knows I’d run into it on a regular basis. If I had the money I’d Nerf nearly every surface in my home.

  3. er, it doesn’t appear to be ‘made from’.  It seems to have been cast from a mold of one, but it doesn’t appear to actually be made from an actual Makarov.

  4. time for an old fashioned door draw….okay, we both take ten paces across the room and the first one to open the door wins!  Loser gets shot in the crotch.

  5. I’ve noticed that Russians seem to have a uniquely tacky sense of style not shared by any other group – it’s both luxurious and cheap at the same time, while also being dreadful and impractical.  It’s like they pick all the worst bits from every decade.

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