White House petition: fix copyright for 21st century libraries

Neal sez, "This is a White House petition to reform U.S. copyright law in regard to libraries. Due to DRM and other publisher restrictions, libraries have lost their first sale right for ebooks and other digital media. The current ability of libraries to purchase digital content to loan to patrons is largely at the whim and discretion of the various publishers. Some only allow libraries to purchase restricted copies that 'expire' after so many checkouts, others refuse to sell digital content to libraries at all. Libraries have long been equalizers. The rich and poor could both have access to the same information. The current digital landscape threatens this vital component of our education system and by extension our democracy. Read more in my column for American libraries."


  1. Link seems to be down. That or it’s being crushed by the number of people stampeding on over. Kinda hope it’s the latter.

  2. Going very, very slowly.  Why?  Here’s why:
    A whitehouse-dot-gov account is required to sign Petitions.

    How many people concerned with their online privacy are willing to explicitly tell the very heart of government “Here I am, this is my name, street address and IP”.

    Also, it seems the petition requires USA residency.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Cory!
    And yes I am aware how ineffective some petitions have been, but there have been a few with decent responses. I was not really hoping to get 25,000 right off the bat for this, but I figured if I could get it searchable on the site, that would at least give a bit more exposure to the plight of libraries in the digital age.
    Only 40 more signatures to go…

  4. I have a whitehouse.gov account, but there’s something screwy going on right now. I sign in over and over but it doesn’t show me as being signed in, so I can’t sign the petition. Cookies are on.

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