Poland's Prime Minister wants to put the brakes on ACTA

Tomo sez, "Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, announced ACTA needs to be reviewed and consulted with his ministers as well as internet community representatives. ACTA won't be ratified until all doubts will be explained. He added that that might mean the ACTA won't be ratified at all. In addition, he announced he wants to start discussion in European Parliament on freedom of speech and expression." (Thanks Tomo!)


  1. I’m happy to use the warhorse cliché “Don’t forget Poland!” in a positive way for once.

  2. It’s good to know that “freedom” has not become a meaningless, political buzzword in all countries – just in the U.S.

  3. Unfortunatelly, legal order in Poland doesn’t allow Prime Minister to ‘suspend ratification’, because there is no such thing as sunspension of ratification. The process is still running, and according to lawyers, those words means at most that government won’t press for quick ratification.

  4. Cory-
    Just came back from Poland (was there over the holidays) and bought my 14-year-0ld cousin the Polish translation of Little Brother (one of my favorite books). So, now he’s starting to gain a sense of awareness in regards to the net and its freedoms and trappings, and I was proud to hear that he joined in the protest against ACTA! Hope to see you at Capricon. Many thanks!

  5. Unfortunately, as some lawyers point out, this is just a PR move of prime minister Tusk since the process of ratification of this document cannot be suspended once it is signed. ACTA now can be either ratified in its current form or rejected by the parliament. The question now is whether prime minister Tusk is just going to try to postpone (for some time/indefinitely?) the voting on ACTA or is he really open for discussion and ACTA will be eventually rejected by the parliament.

  6. Why the hell is “In addition, he announced he wants to start discussion in European Parliament on freedom of speech and expression.” not a bigger headline?

    I’m all for killing ACTA, but isnt an increase in freedom of speech in general a bigger deal?

    1. Because he is lying, and he has press in his pocket, everything you read is meaningless. Press is selling this whole change of heart as something wonderful, they keep saying things like “Prime minister recognized that  previous public consultations of ACTA were not sufficient”. The thing is – there were NO POBLIC consultations WHATSOEVER. They are rewriting history. He wants to do them now :))) after the whole document has been sealed in its final form and CANT BE CHANGED.

      Its all smoke screen just like yesterdays news about Slovenian Ambassador ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeP6CpUnfc0 ). I wouldnt be surprised if he just got instructions from his US overlord on how to act to calm the opposition by appearing to do something while not doing anything. Of course we will know about it in a year or so from another leaked US cable.

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