Bulgarian MPs wear Guy Fawkes mask for ACTA session

Apparently inspired by the Polish parliamentarians who showed up for work in Guy Fawkes masks for the signing of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (a US-driven secret copyright treaty), members of Bulgaria's parliament repeated the trick.

The MPs say they support copyright laws, but oppose ACTA over its possible turning into an instrument to limit freedom of speech, to control internet use, and to turn into an obstacle for the exchange of information and knowledge online.

On January 26, the Bulgarian government signed in Tokyo the international ACTA agreement, vowing to make downloading content similar to forgery of brands.

The agreement was sealed by Bulgarian ambassador to Japan Lyubomir Todorov, based on a decision by the Bulgarian cabinet taken hastily on January 11.

Bulgarian MPs Wear Guy Fawkes Mask to Protest ACTA (via Techdirt)


    1. It’s not empty for me–seeing what others do can inspire people and also give them sense of  support because they see they are not alone in their convivtions.

      1. What part of “The agreement was sealed by Bulgarian ambassador to Japan Lyubomir Todorov” did you miss?

  1. To see heads of government doing the Anonymous thing, is truly amazing.
    Something weird to visualize is the Bulgarian MPs lurking and trolling in 4Chan.

  2. Bravo Bulgaria! Bulgaria is amazing nation–they survived keeping their language, culture and identity under 500 years of Otoman empire occupation (similar to Ireland in some ways). I’ve spend a few years there at one point and witnessed extremely kind and  very well educated people who know more about the world than the world about them…

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