Guy Fawkes mask stencil

Here's some handy, infringealicious clip art for the discriminating Anon who wants to make a statement without paying a royalty: a Guy Fawkes mask, suitable for urban art, dress-up, and silkscreening.

Guy Fawkes Mask clip art (Thanks, @crisnoble!)


  1. Cory… thanks for scaring the FSM out of me…
     The microsecond of terror as I ponder if I’ve just been doxed

    1. I was thinking the same thing.  I feel like that image has been dragged kicking and screaming into the public domain.  Who would be the rightful “owner” of that image anyway.  Would it be David Lloyd (the illustrator for V for Vendetta) or DC Comics?  Googled it and found this quote form Lloyd, on wikipedia, who sounds like he feels the same way: “The Guy Fawkes mask has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny – and I’m happy with people using it, it seems quite unique, an icon of popular culture being used this way.”

  2. LOL! Given the Blue Screen of Death heart posted above this story, and the heart-shaped outline of this graphic (not to mention the male and female symbols semingly encoded within; speck the nose/nostrils and goatee), I figured Cory was delivering a 1-2 punch of Valentines alt-ness, with this item suitable for signalling your “secret admirer” status. Wups!

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