Reading lamps made from drilled-out books

Typewriter Boneyard does a sweet line of reading lamps made from drilled-out old books, fitted with replica Edison bulbs.

Hardback Book Lamps (via Neatorama)


  1. So… their specialty is unadulterated, pure incandescent (as in really hot; I mean, really?) fire hazards?

  2. All the bulbs that I’ve seen like that are generally not pushing the filament to it’s limits like modern bulbs do.
    With such a big filament, I guess you’ll avoid glare (by having a weaker more diffuse light source) AND avoid fires because it doesn’t get so hot.
    I might be wrong.

    1. Yeah, if the bulb casts a shadow from the environmental light even while said bulb is burning, it’s probably not a particularly hot wattage.

      But as for the book pictured, I think it’s a fine choice.  Homer himself, the old traditions go, would have had little use for the volume itself, nor the lamp they made from it.

  3. Hi there, all bulbs used are such low wattage, that even when left on for hours at a time, are not hotter than your hand can touch (nor harsh on the eyes). 

    The low incandescent bulbs definitely give off a ‘warm’ glow – hence a reading or accent light. I’m happy to address any specific questions or concerns.

  4. Yeah, That’s pretty.  Wouldn’t want to leave it plugged in if i was in another room.  Would probably hurt my eyes if I was in the same room while it was turned on.

    Are we this eager to carve holes in all our old books?  do we have too many secret book safes?

  5. As much as I do appreciate the repurposed-book aesthetic and rationally accept it, having an old book – especially an old copy of the Odyssey – that’s been drilled through and rendered unreadable around all the time would depress the hell out of me.

    1. It doesn’t actually look that old at all, I’d be more worried if it were a less well-known book too. I’d imagine a copy of the Odyssey from a few decades ago would be worth very little nowadays. It does look nice without a dust jacket though, I think making a lamp out of it is a good way of reflecting that.

      1. I have that set of books— and I think they’re from the 20’s. GAH! This makes me cringe… and it’s not exactly that interesting of a lamp either… 

  6. Beautiful!  I’ve been a fan of Typewriter Boneyard for some time now, it’s great to see other artists making such wonderful things out of unwanted books. 

  7. Often times the next step for a book like that is the recycler.  Would you prefer it was a lamp or tomorrow’s junk mail?  Because that’s really the choice.  It’s not a choice between seeing it on someone’s shelf versus being a lamp.

  8. Nice. 8 comments in, and everything that could be complained about has been complained about. Man I hope nothing creative I ever build ends up on Boing Boing.

    1. I saw this image on pinterest last week, and although I do pin a lot of things I love on that site, when I saw this, I thought, “What a beautiful bad idea.”

      My advice, if you can’t stand differing opinions on your projects, put them in a drawer and go back to filming Hangover 3.  Art ain’t for the timid.

  9. Finally a purpose for all of those Anne Coulter/Bill O’Reilly/Sarah Palin hardcovers you found while dumpster diving…

  10. In college ~25 years ago the math department would rev. the calculus book every year, forcing everyone to repurchase. I made a similar lamp out of an obsolete edition, and named it “Let There Be Light,” the Univ. of California’s motto.

  11. I really don’t like the craze for mutilating books. You may think a book is only good enough as a stupid lamp, but to someone else it could be gold.

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