Mickey the firefighting cat


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  1. Geekized says:

    Ha, that’s cute.

  2. Mister44 says:

    They wrote a book about  a Fire Cat. My 5 year old read it to me the other day – http://www.amazon.com/Fire-Cat-Can-Read-Book/dp/0064440389

  3. I want to see the film of all the other cats they unsuccessfully tried to teach that sliding-down-the-pole trick to.

    • teapot says:

      Somehow I don’t think the cat learned anything except how to be thrown at a metal pole.

      In the first shot you can actually see the shadow of the guy who throws it.

  4. I don’t know what’s funnier…that they were all rocking those bow ties or the cat sliding down the pole.

  5. joe k. says:

    Makes me want to install a fire pole so I can teach my cat tricks.

  6. jsandin says:

    Mr. Narrator, some cats open their mouths when they’re excited.

    • MonkeyBoy says:

       I had a cat that was distressed by car rides. She would open her mouth and start panting and by time we got to the vet she would have thick ropes of drool hanging from her mouth and may have thrown up.

      Knowing how she hated the car we only put her in for rides to the vet which she also hated all in all contributing to her car hatred.

  7. golvio says:

    I’m willing to bet that during one of those domino games Mickey swiped at the pieces and sent them flying everywhere. Two of my cats reacted that way when we moved small things around, especially if they were edible things.

  8. 9bytz says:

    Great old footage! I love those pets with a career! Or those who learned to survive in a human world by taking over their manners, like this dog human hybrid.

  9. JhmL says:

    Thrown into a metal pole, then terrified to be in a moving car. Good times.

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