Minecraft chunk error in real life


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  1. jenjen says:

    Kind of looks like a Google Earth terrain error too. 

  2. Mike Kessell says:


  3. sloverlord says:

    Linking to TvTropes and Minecraft in the same post? Are you *trying* to destroy my productivity for the rest of the day, Rob?

  4. this post originally said ‘glitches in the lanscape’ (via my rss reader)… this seems more appropriate than ‘landscape’, I think we should all adopt immediately.

  5. sean says:

    I think this is one of the places Scrooge McDuck went in one of his adventures.

  6. xzzy says:

    So how many crackpot theories are out there explaining that this is man made (or alien made)?

    Because certainly nature couldn’t make that on its own!

  7. Wow…that is one of the best pix I have ever seen of Mt. Roraima. I have longed to visit that place since I was a wee lad…. This was the setting of Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Lost World”. If you scroll around on google earth in the same general area you can find lots of other suare-ish and angular bulges pushing through the canopy.

    • loroferoz says:

      There are literally dozens of smaller “tepuis” (flattop mountains). And some big ones.  Just to the northwest of Roraima, there’s the smaller Kukenan, complete with the second highest waterfall in the world. The highest waterfall in the world falls from Auyantepuy, another one.  
      I have been on the three the big ones. The bulges are not artifact, but truth in advertisement. And then wonderful things.

  8. bcsizemo says:

    9 comments so far and I for one welcome our new lord and master, Notch.
    -Foamy is not going to be happy about this.

  9. Am I the only one who see the house with baloons near the fall?

  10. Tim Maddux says:

    Reminds me of Paradise Falls from the Pixar movie “Up”.

  11. Andrew Singleton says:

    Because nobody has said it yet I will.

    Herobrine has jumped the divide. The Fourth Wall Will Not Save Us.

  12. Guido says:

    OK, we got 3 million votes on our oppo primaries and Mt Roraima is featured on BoingBoing as a glitch in reality. Great day for Venezuela

  13. zachstronaut says:

    Kind of surprising that it rains enough up on that plateau to feed those waterfalls.

  14. jhertzli says:

    When they film A Gift from Earth, this will be Mt. Lookitthat.

  15. Pedantic Douchebag says:

    Except unlike Notch, God is imaginary.

  16. francoisroux says:

    Why, does water always come out the top of the mountain?

  17. CountZero says:

    Astonishing. I’ve seen photos of it before but none that show it’s true shape. I’d love to see the hydraulics underneath that pushed it up that far.

  18. kiavahr says:

    Notch was the Old Testament. _Jeb is the New Testament. All hail _Jeb.

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