Tank Girl vodka

Absolut has commissioned Jamie Hewlitt (co-creator of Tank Girl and Gorillaz) to do a limited edition vodka bottle celebrating London's public drunkenness. It's a rather nice piece of work, too -- suitably grotesque. All it's missing is the grimy, mutilated pigeons squabbling over puddles of last night's binge-drinking lad and ladette vom.



  1. Odd. I was under the impression that Hewlett was far better known for his work in creating the Gorillaz, it being not only more recent work and thus more developed art, but also being less obscure generally and I imagine more successful financially.

    Yet seemingly every time BB mentions the man, the major reference point is Tank Girl. Curious. Not a big deal, but here I was expecting the vodka to be using Tank Girl herself. Slightly misleading headline.

    1. “Tank Girl” was Jamie’s own thing, soup to kangaroo nuts. Gorillaz is a project for which he created character design and oversaw some animation, while the music is the primary piece. While the TG movie was, well, less great than it might have been the IP is his alone. 

  2. So just as much Gorillaz Vodka as Tank Girl Vodka. I love Jamie Hewlett. He should be in the headline. Also, I will buy and keep this bottle if I see it. 

  3. Jamie!! Glad to see the man is still working – one of my favorite influences. 

    Still have all my Tank Girl!s in vinyl bags in a vault beneath the earth where they will no doubt survive a nuclear exchange and instruct future generations on how to behave!

  4. Oh man, in the next step take it to the next level:  Public drunkenness in Tokyo!
    Zombified businessmen at 6:00 am, still staggering after a night of sake and karaoke, still in yesterday’s suit.

    1. Had to both “Like” and reply to this comment – I’ve loved Hogarth’s Beer Street and Gin Lane for…sh*t…decades now (ugh, getting old) and I would absolutely love to have a Gin Lane bottle of gin as well as a Beer Street beer (perhaps a cask ale).

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