2011 Nebula Awards nominees announced


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  1. Talia says:

    I’ve actually read half the novels this year; that’s different. :) Gotta root for ‘Embassytown.’ I loved ‘Among Others,’ too, but ‘Embassytown’ was flat-out remarkable.

    ‘Firebird’ was tremendous fun and McDevitt’s one of my favorite authors, but it’s the least-likely to win, IMHO.

    RE: the short story ‘The Paper Menagerie’ -  a wonderful story, and available for listening in podcast form over at Podcastle for the interested.


  2. jennybean42 says:

    There is so much good Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasty. I’m kinda jealous.

  3. Mark Pitcavage says:

    Very disappointing to see Embassytown on the nomination list.  Probably the weakest book written by Mieville and just a bad book overall.   But it looks like a weak category generally this year.

  4. moonglum says:

    I loved both Embassytown, and Mechanique. Because I have been trying for the last 30 years to have read every hugo, nebula, world fantasy award, and bram stoker award winning novel, and have not yet done it, I hope that ‘Kingdom of Gods’ does NOT win. Because then I will have to read 3 new novels (I don’t start trilogies from the 3rd book– its a matter of principle). If Embassytown wins, I can, perhaps if I am brave, try once again to get through Silverbergs ‘A Time of Changes’.

  5. Really, Embassytown?  I love practically every one of Mieville’s books (particularly Kraken and the Bas Lag series), but liked Embassytown not at all. Beyond the central conceit it was weak and boring as heck. Conventional sci-fi is not Mieville’s forte.

  6. moonglum says:

    I actually liked Kraken the least of Mieville’s books. Probably because the genre of urban fantasy doesn’t appeal to me much. I did, however, really like ‘Sandman Slim’ by Richard Kadrey. I guess if a book is punk enough, it can transcend genre. 

    Embassy town has a really smart take on aliens, language, and politics. Its not as awesome as Iron Council, or Perdido Street Station, but it did leave me kind of agape at its ideas.

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