Futuristic Toronto ARG raising money on IndieGoGo

Trevor sez,

ZED.TO is a transmedia adventure that invites audiences to join the ranks of a biotech corporation called ByoLogyc. They're innovative and design-minded, they're the Apple of an emerging technological market, and they're working on a product that will change the lives of all involved... The project pulls from the domains of tangible futures, immersive theatre, and science fiction... but the experience is something brand new to Toronto.

The creators of ZED.TO are running an IndieGoGo campaign right now to help secure the funds for site-specific apocalyptic installations across Toronto over eight months (from Fringe Fest to Nuit Blanche, and a culminating event that we'll evacuate audiences out to this October).



  1. It took me a while to sort out “transmedia,” “immersive theater,” “tangible futures,” “site-specific apocalyptic installations” and “evacuate audiences out to.”

    I think what they’re doing is essentially running a LARP with an associated website, where the story is about the run-up to a biological-warfare apocalypse.

    That isn’t to disparage the project — it sounds really freaking cool! I just had a hard time parsing the unfamiliar (to me) vocabulary to understand what this was, and hoped explaining it in different words might help someone else understand.

  2. Somehow I think this is going to involve zombies and I’m just really tired of zombies! Does anybody else feel the same way?

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