Batman matrioshke

Russian sculptor Katya Malakhova created a set of Batman matrioshkes that -- judging from the description -- actually nest. I wonder if the ears are hollow?

Batman doll (via Neatorama)


  1. awesome.  but it’d be PERFECT if each batman had a different style costume (like these –

  2. Hollow ears not needed.  Looks like each is small enough that the ears fit within the “skull” of the next larger.  Hollow ears would be a bad design choice anyhow, as it would require rotational alignment between dolls.

    1. Also, it would require the ears to be the same distance apart on each doll. An alternative would be to have the ears moulded in something more flexible than the doll proper, but that would complicate the manufacture.

      It’s difficult to tell without knowing the camera lens, but it looks to me that there’s just enough room to fit the ears unfolded n each larger doll, assuming that the seam for each doll lies in the same plane.

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