Kickstarter success for DRM-free webcomics, reader-funded long-form journalism

Some heartwarming news on the Kickstarter front: fans of the Diesel Sweeties webcomic have oversubscribed R. Stevens's DRM-free ebook, for which he was hoping to raise $3,000, and brought the total up to nearly $40K. Meanwhile, Matter, the startup that wants to fund long-form journalism online, blew past its $50K target in two days, and is now sitting at 81K.

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  1. dmcinnes says:

    ZeFrank just setup his own kickstarter to bring back TheShow!
    He already has almost $40K from less than a a few hours

  2. oldtaku says:

    I kicked in $100 for Matter. A worthwhile experiment at least.

  3. Damien says:

    Funny what can happen when creators and content-providers treat their fans/customers nicely, instead of damning them to DRM-hell and treating them as criminals.

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      It’s almost like you can get what you want by showing some respect and treating people as you’d like to be treated. Whoddathunkit?

  4. zachstronaut says:

    That’s so fuckin awesome. Go internets!

  5. CC-BY says:

    Copyright will keep on it’s draconian march, you won’t stop it. You don’t have enough cash to buy your representatives.

    Thus I argue one should participate in creative acts that avoid the harshness of copyright by opening itself up to the commons. Diesel Sweeties is a prime example of this. Good for them! But the other kickstarters listed on this page tend to be far more regressive. They ask for funds from the commons but they do not enrich the commons.

    We should be paying them to do work for US, the commons. Not so they can just keep the spoils and hoard it for themselves. No we must protect ourselves from the giant copyright lobbies, simply by participating in open-copyright solutions (Creative Commons/Opensource). The first solution is to stop frittering money away on closed/proprietary kickstarters.

    Let’s be realistic about power, corruption and copyright. Lets skip it and build a new respectful world where creative-types explicitly share and we monetarily compensate them for that!

  6. NotThePostYouAreLookingFor says:

    Another example of Kickstarter success for a small comic, raising over $1.25 Million from an ask of $57,750 to reprint some dead tree versions of The Order of the Stick comic:

    • The Rizz says:

       Yes, the OOtS kickstarter was amazing ($1.2M over what they asked!?), and the author put a lot of work into it. The near-daily updates on the Kickstarter page that were done in the form of webcomics were a neat bonus to his fans, too.
      Also, you’ve got to love the Belkar Dr. Evil reference when they hit One MILLION Dollars!
      The webcomic is a must for any fan of roleplaying, especially D&D payers:

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