Rejected Star Wars toy ideas

Action Figure Insider's Jason Geyer has published a second gallery of rejected toy-ideas he and his co-workers pitched to tie in with the launch of Star Wars: Phantom Menace (the first gallery came out four years ago!). There's some stuff here that's just plain weird, but plenty that is rather cool.

Like the last blog, this group is just a whole bunch of random ideas thrown up against the wall to see what sticks. This project was both fun and frustrating. We had a very limited time to make…whatever is was we were going to make. We were working on many different projects at the same time all this was going on, and we had no clear idea of what the client wanted (mainly because the client wasn’t sure, either). So be kind to some of these pieces. The fabric booksock is not our finest hour.

Rejected Star Wars Strikes Back! (via Super Punch)


  1. As a kid I really would have loved to have both the inflatable Emperor’s chair and Yoda’s Dagobah pencil sharpener.

    As an adult I’d still love to have the inflatable Emperor’s chair. I can’t help wondering why it got rejected. And the talking Darth Vader chip clip. Come on. Who wouldn’t love a chip clip that says, “I have you now!”?

  2. I’m genuinely astonished to learn that any Star Wars merchandising, ever, anywhere, was rejected for any reason whatsoever.

    1. I’m genuinely astonished to learn that any Star Wars merchandising, ever, anywhere, was rejected for any reason whatsoever.

      Well that seems like a challenge for somebody to create a Jar Jar Binks buttplug.

  3. I might’ve bought a deathstar basketball.  I definately would’ve eaten ramen for a couple weeks to get my hands on an inflatable Emporer’s chair. 

    Say, whatever happened to the deathstar beach ball?

  4. Can we as the great internet community make some sort of agreement to take a year long break from Star Wars?  God knows I loved that movie as a kid and saw it a dozen times in the theater, but Jesus, I think enough is enough.   What is left to take from it?  The movie is 30 years old and I don’t think I can go a day without seeing some reference to it on the internet.  It’s tired.  Let’s move on.  Maybe we can do a funny take on those Shepard Fairey Obama posters.  That would be clever.  Or spoof those old inspirational posters with the black borders?

        1. You’re right. Come to think of it, since the internet is made for porn but made OF cats, it would crumble if someone tried to remove the cats. It would be like taking the wheels off a car and still expecting it to work. Extracting Star Wars would be like taking off an axle.

    1. Obligatory “get off my lawn” comment duly noted.

      That said.  NO.  Don’t like it?  Find another internet or less geeky sites to haunt.

  5. A Lightside/Darkside salt and pepper shaker set is the greatest idea that anyone has ever had, ever.


  6. Going back to the original list, the inflatable Death Start would work well using the same tech as those flying/floating remote controlled sharks. Indeed, I won’t be surprised in the least to see a tie fighter or one of those new-fangled clone wars series ships on the market shortly.

  7. That’s sad. Training academy class rings that would have been awarded to the younglings if they hadn’t been [*spoiler alert*] massacred by Anakin.

  8. I don’t even use windshield sun blockers, but the one (from the first installment) with the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon is pure genius.

    ThinkGeek has Han Solo in carbonite ice cube trays, very similar to your popsicle molds in most respects.

  9. These are really imaginative, but I can see why some of them wouldn’t sell well. Even the most rabid Star Wars fan would be embarrassed to have a goddamn R2-D2 slide projector or Star Wars golf set. Well, maybe the second most rabid fan would be, anyway.

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