Super Mario marching band at Carnival in Rio


11 Responses to “Super Mario marching band at Carnival in Rio”

  1. Tichrimo says:

    Somebody needs to smack the person in close proximity to the microphone that was tunelessly whistling along with the band.  

    Smack.  Them.

    • Jimmy_Vee says:

       I’m pretty sure that the point of this is for everyone to participate and have a good time and not to satisfy the aesthetic tastes of internet commentators.  Besides, the whistling wasn’t even that bad.

  2. beemoh says:

    The slow pace of the initial march and the placards makes it look more like an Occupy World 1-1 protest march.

    Also, is that Bret from Flight Of The Conchords dressed as the Starman? :)

  3. Also “Bloco” is literally translated to block, it’s a pun. Super Mario’s Block!

  4. Hugh Johnson says:

    Ok, that nails it. Where’s my passport? 

  5. sean says:

    Enormous verve? I only counted 14 people with ANY verve at all, and only 5 that sustained their verve for the entire 2 minutes. The rest were a rather lackluster bunch.

  6. Bloco is what they call the street party, not the marching band.

  7. ahahahahah one of those girls keep screaming “LETS PLAY VIDEOGAME, PEOPLE!” ahahahahahahahah 

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