Super Mario marching band at Carnival in Rio

Here's a bloco (a marching-band) at Rio's Carnival performing the Super Mario soundtrack, complete with Mario-themed signs, dancing, and enormous verve.

Super Mario Bloco em Santa! (Thanks, igorz!)


  1. Somebody needs to smack the person in close proximity to the microphone that was tunelessly whistling along with the band.  

    Smack.  Them.

    1.  I’m pretty sure that the point of this is for everyone to participate and have a good time and not to satisfy the aesthetic tastes of internet commentators.  Besides, the whistling wasn’t even that bad.

  2. The slow pace of the initial march and the placards makes it look more like an Occupy World 1-1 protest march.

    Also, is that Bret from Flight Of The Conchords dressed as the Starman? :)

  3. Enormous verve? I only counted 14 people with ANY verve at all, and only 5 that sustained their verve for the entire 2 minutes. The rest were a rather lackluster bunch.

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