Thumbdrive computer up for pre-order


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  1. brainflakes says:

    Nice, apparently the Rasberry Pi project has a large announcement scheduled for tomorrow morning too,  hopefully to mark its availability!

  2. KanedaJones says:

    seems to be acting like a phone (Just OS not data plan) using the cloud.  I could not see buying that for a device that has its own internet and the fact the only video out it has is HDMI makes it less compatible with older TVs that are good for recycling.

    product with far less a market than what is needed to survive as a sell’able commodity.

    I don’t mean to undervalue what they are making but that device for 50 bucks would sell.

  3. Anyone remember BlackDog? This seems to be basically the same thing. Its a cool device that is sure to fail.

  4. TimRowledge says:

    Imagine a Beowulf cluster of 16 of them lugged into the 16 way USB strip/hub posted the other day.

    Or are Beowulf clusters not in fashion anymore?

    And only 1Gb of memory? how can anyone run a real program in that?

  5. What about storage? It’s neat having a pc in your pocket. These guys aren’t mentioning any onboard flash memory sizes. I’d hope there’s at least 16 gigs of flash on top of the 1gig of ram.

  6. void_ptr says:

    Storage is on a microSD card, so up to 64gb, I guess?

  7. Kimmo says:

    Pretty astounding specs for a 21 gram machine.

    Colour me impressed

  8. HubrisSonic says:

    ok, nobody sign up for it until I get mine.

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