Red Moon: short movie about soviet werewolf submariner

Ben Sellon submits Red Moon, a short film about a werewolf aboard a Russian sub. An Official Selection at the 2011 Atlanta Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, and 2012 Oxford Film Festival, it stars Ben as Capt. Alexei Ovechkin and was directed by Jimmy Marble.


    1. When I worked as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut back in 1988, we called those things “Barbie tables.”

  1. Cute stuff! Though the hammy accents are sometimes sliced too thick for this United Statesian’s ears.

  2. Note to film maker: the  “backwards” letters do not mean what you think. Writing them this way only signals your ignorance and willingness to buy into decades of Russian stereotypes.

    1.  E T, do you really think the filmmakers are trying for verisimilitude? Suspect your irony filter is set a might high.

      1. IMHO, ET misses entirely that the WHOLE film buys into decades of Russian stereotypes.  The fake fish offer a clue, too, that this isn’t being played straight. Thus is born “comedy,” a la “The Russians Are Coming!”

  3. In Soviet Russia, even noble sub commander who cites his manifesto right, can become wolf when wolfbane blooms and papier-mache moon is bright.

  4. This is pretty great, I say as someone who was already pondering ‘Werewolf Submarine Crew’ as this year’s Steampunk costume theme!

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