Serbian ultra-nationalists celebrate Trump's victory

If there's anyone qualified to recognize a genocidal strongman when they see one, it's the far-right Serbian and Macedonian ultra-nationalists who celebrate the Milosevic legacy of rape-camps, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and those guys love Donald Trump. Read the rest

The natural history of the European werewolf

A tour of werewolves in European history — the mad, the bad, and the heretics.

Red Moon: short movie about soviet werewolf submariner

Ben Sellon submits Red Moon, a short film about a werewolf aboard a Russian sub. An Official Selection at the 2011 Atlanta Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, and 2012 Oxford Film Festival, it stars Ben as Capt. Alexei Ovechkin and was directed by Jimmy Marble. Read the rest